Daps Wants to Create a Good Deam Environment at Liquid

Shox and adreN were benched as part of recent significant adjustments made by Team Liquid to their CS:GO division. In daps, the organisation has already secured a replacement for the coaching role. The Canadian discussed his objectives with Liquid and gave his reasoning for accepting the coaching position.

In an interview with Dust2.us, daps said it’s healthy for a coach to have the freedoms of controlling the lineup, benching, and helping to recruit new players to the squad. In a similar fashion to traditional sports, he thinks this is the best way to go with esports.

That freedom contributed to daps taking up the role of a coach in Liquid. “From my perspective, they encourage the coach to be involved in the roster decisions and things like that. I think Liquid is an org that actually wants that,” he said.

Besides having an influence on how the team is structured, daps also aims to create a healthy environment with Liquid. “I want to create a good team environment where everyone in the team can trust each other again,” daps said. “I really want to go through all foundational things again, making sure there’s a solid base and foundation to the team so that we always have something to go to.”

Daps and Liquid won’t have much time to work on the fundamentals for now since the team have just two weeks until the group stage of IEM Cologne kicks off. YEKINDAR will stand in as the squad’s fifth player for the event, and the new coach is excited about working with him and hopes that he will bring his good spirit to Liquid. “He’s an insane player and I think he’ll bring a good boost to the team where everyone is going to have a boost of confidence playing alongside him,” he said.

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