DC Fan Dome left us with new DC Games and movies to look forward to

DC Games reveal DC fan dome

DC games are usually amazing. The Arkham series, Injustice series, Justice League games, and some LEGO games. The DC Fan Dome (fandom, get it?) concluded yesterday with tons of games, movies, and TV series announced for the upcoming years.

Yes, most gamers are also movies and TV fans. But here we only focus on the games. So leT’s JuMp InTo iT

DC Fan Dome announced DC games

There were only two games announced at the DC Fan Dome event. But they were long awaited and their reveal trailers looked amazing. The first game is Gotham Knights. and the second is, of course, Suicide Squad.

Gotham Knights

The sequel to Batman Arkham Knight. The game is set some years after the ending of Arkham Knight, and this time, you play as Nightwing, Redhood, Batgirl, or Robin. You can play solo or with friends in the story campaign. We do not know yet if there will be other multiplayer features.

Each of the four characters has its own unique skill set. With Batgirl being the most similar to Batman in the Arkham games. Using his sneaking and combat techniques with the addition of some new cool abilities.

Check out the reveal trailer:

We have waited five years to see anything from the Arkham Series. Unfortunately though, the game is not developed by Rocksteady. So expect some deviations from the style we are used to in Arkham games. As the new developer, WB Montreal, show us their take on the Arkham Games.

This is a result of Rocksteady being so busy with..

Suicide Squad Game

Rocksteady departed from the Arkham series and the rumors were true. They are working on a Superman game, Just not what we would expect from a Superman Game.

The player takes on the role of the Suicide Squad, still we don’t know for sure how will you manage all the members or if you will play with friends. But the villain here is Superman himself. At least a version that does not believe in justice or whatever Superman believes in. From the trailer we can somehow tell that Superman is affected by Brainiac. It is safe to assume that this Superman from the Alternate ending of Injustice 2, and now it is up to the Suicide Squad to stop him.

Check out the Suicide Squad new DC game reveal trailer:

The logo says “Kill the Justice League” so maybe not only Superman is the big bad guy in this one, we will have to wait and see.

There will be another stream in 20 days, we will hopefully see more gameplay or maybe new announcements.

For more, head over to the official DC Fan Dome website.

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