Dead Cells Free Update Has a Money Biome to the Roguelike

Dead Cells: Break the Bank is now available, introducing new content to the modern classic roguelike game. Despite the somewhat greedy theme, this update is absolutely free, and includes a new biome, as well as new adversaries, weapons, and mutations. In addition, Motion Twin has confirmed that another year of DLC and updates is on the way.

This update focuses on The Bank, a new biome that will show up randomly during your run (as long as you’ve beaten the Hand of the King) as a replacement for one of the stages you’d normally face. It’ll have a bunch of mobs equivalent to the replaced biomes, plus new monsters that’ll steal your money, grow by collecting money, or drop more money than their normal counterparts.

The new weapons and mutations keep that money theme going. The Gold Digger will give gold on each hit, and Midas’ Blood will give you gold whenever you lose health. You can see details on all the new stuff over in the official announcement.

Check out the trailer below.

The devs announced back in November that Dead Cells would be getting another full year of DLC and updates, and now they’ve announced it again – which means that the promised year is starting again as of today. The previous five months were just a bonus.

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