Dead Space Remake Comes With Dead Space 2 as a Free Steam Game

When it comes to The Callisto Protocol, the new horror game Dead Space Remake from EA, which retells the tale of Isaac Clarke and the Ishimura, is even more competitive because it comes with the original Dead Space 2 as a free Steam game.

As previously reported, Dead Space Remake has redesigned Isaac Clarke to look a little different to his original, 2008 version. But if you’re a fan of classic Clarke, or just want to enjoy one of the best horror games, Dead Space 2 is bundled with the Remake as a free Steam game, so long as you pre-order on Steam.

Though Dead Space Remake can also be purchased through the Epic Games Store, the same pre-purchase offer does not seem to appear there. If you’ve never tried Dead Space 2, or simply don’t have it on Steam and want to play it again, this is the perfect way to loosen your Necromorph-slaughtering muscles and refamiliarise yourself with the Dead Space world alongside the impressive-looking remake.

With the original Dead Space rebuilt from the ground up, we can’t help but speculate the possibility of a future Dead Space 2 remake. The modern recreations of Resident Evil have clearly done well both for Capcom and for series fans, with Resident Evil 4 and also Bloober’s upcoming Silent Hill 2 blazing a trail for future horror game remakes.

Perhaps Dead Space 3 could get a remake, too, giving EA and developer Motive Studios a chance to tie off the story of Isaac Clarke while fixing some of the issues that hampered the original. In the meantime, you can get Dead Space Remake – out on January 27 – alongside Dead Space 2 on Steam.

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