Dead Space Remake Composer Says EA Should “Skip Ahead” to DS4

With the release of the Dead Space Remake, the ball has been left in EA’s court for any potential spin-offs, sequels, or expansions to Motive’s take on the seminal sci-fi horror game. In fact, Motive said recently that it has more Dead Space ideas it wants to show EA in the future, and the remake’s composer tells PCGamesN they’d love to return and see Motive tackle their version of Dead Space 4.

We have an upcoming interview with Dead Space Remake composer Trevor Gureckis exploring how he managed to revitalise and expand on the score of the USG Ishimura. While Gureckis is not aware of any potential Dead Space Remake sequel plans, he’s a long-time fan with a whole plethora of ideas of where EA and Motvie could go next.

“I’m curious to see what [Motive and EA] will do,” Gureckis says. “If they just skip ahead and go to Dead Space 4 that would make a lot of sense. You do a great remake and then move the franchise in the direction of Dead Space 4.

“People are now on board, right? So because Dead Space is definitely an old game, so doing a remake makes sense to refresh everyone’s minds. But I think pushing it forward to Dead Space 4 would be super fun.”

Again, this is no confirmation of EA and Motive’s plans, as it looks like they still aren’t nailed down. But Gureckis’ idea does present an interesting opportunity I’d like to try and break down – so this is your official Dead Space series spoiler warning.

What could EA Motive’s Dead Space 4 adaptation look like?

For those of you that didn’t play Dead Space 3, which I maintain was actually pretty good, the story DLC ends on a cliffhanger. Isaac Clarke and John Carver arrive back to Earth only to find that a group of Brethren Moons – the source of the Marker signal that makes necromorphs – have invaded the planet and begun slaughtering its inhabitants. This is now a decade-old cliffhanger that’s never been resolved, but perhaps Motive could hold the key to concluding this age-old saga.

So, how could the Dead Space Remake ending feed into this? Well the game’s standard ending plays out the same as the original, but it’s the Dead Space secret ending that could act as the branching-off point. Now, it could just be that the secret ending aims to show Isaac Clarke was truly invaded by the Marker between Dead Space and Dead Space 2, but it could also be that Motive decides to have his actions shift, and cause the Brethren Moons to come to Earth, just as they did in the first game.

The more I think about it the less likely this seems, but it’s still interesting to think about how Motive could now branch off from the original Dead Space series and tell their own survival horror stories.

Either way, I agree with Gureckis: if EA and Motive do come back with another Dead Space game, it should be a sort of Dead Space 4 – something entirely new. We can still play Dead Space 2 and 3, and both hold up exceptionally well.

While we wait to hear if the Dead Space Remake will start a new beginning for the series, we’ve got you covered with guides to all the Dead Space Remake power node locations and all the Dead Space Remake weapon upgrade locations as well.

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