Deep Rock Galactic makes U-turn with new cosmetic DLC

Ghost Ship Games, the independent game studio that created the well-known Deep Rock Galactic, has demonstrated that its staff is receptive to player feedback. Following the release of the new Decontaminator Pack, a cosmetic DLC, Deep Rock Galactic fans were quick to voice their unfiltered opinions about the add-on. The majority expressed their disappointment, calling the DLC “low effort” in comparison to typical cosmetic packs and claiming it would be the game’s weakest release to date. The developers have now openly addressed the criticism and suggested reworking the premium products.

“You’re putting down good money for these items, and you want them to stand out,” reads Ghost Ship’s official post on Steam. “Frameworks and armors are peculiar entities, and what might look super cool to some, might read as boring to others—and especially in the case of DLC packs, we are learning that more bling tends to be received better.” The dev went on to detail what its rework of the DLC will look like.

The team has decided to “tweak the weapon framework, and update the paintjob.” There is also more focus on making the guns stand out with new attachments, added vials, and digital displays. Ghost Ship Games wants to “lean more into the ‘Decontaminator’ theme” with these cosmetics. The dev is not ignoring the few fans who were actually happy with the original designs, though and says that players will be able to unlock the base designs through gameplay rather than by paying, so everyone can access it.

Deep Rock Galactic players are more than happy with Ghost Ship’s response, taking to comments to express their thoughts on the update. One fan wrote that the team has “some of the best devs out there right now,” stating that “they changed it less than two weeks after the announcement AND they still plan to add the original paint job for those who liked it.”

Seeing this positivity from both the playerbase and the development team itself is a breath of fresh air within the larger gaming community, honestly. As an avid fan of The Sims, I am used to witnessing player frustration and then a dev response that is simply insufficient. We ask for one thing, and receive a completely other one. At least teams like Deep Rock Galactic’s exist to restore our faith in those in charge.

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