Destiny 2 Vow of the Disciple Raid is Spoiled by Error Codes

The new raid in Destiny 2 is proving difficult for groups of players to complete, but not for the typical reasons. During numerous Vow of the Disciple encounters, strange error codes like ‘anteater,’ ‘bat,’ and ‘guitar’ are sending players back to orbit, while overall server stability is also proving to be a concern.

Players are taking to Reddit and Twitter to vent their frustrations, while others are watching it unfold as streamers attempt to win the race to be the first to complete the new raid. The race to world’s first is popular with many games that feature raiding, though it has become quite the tradition in the Destiny 2 community. Bungie even sends the winning team cool wrestling-style belts to congratulate them. It’s rad.

Naturally, Bungie is on the case. Devs initially notified fans that they were investigating the error codes before temporarily turning on sign-on queues for those who don’t own a Destiny 2 season or expansion due to “a rise in error codes and server instability”. The sign-on queues only lasted for roughly two hours, though the team continues to work on server improvements at the time of writing.

We have still seen a good bit of the Witch Queen raid, though. One encounter involves fighting a projection of Savathûn, while another tasks you with completing a mind-bending puzzle that the Raid Secrets subreddit are currently figuring out.

Aside from the error codes, Vow of the Disciple is made even more challenging by contest mode. Your power is capped at 20 points below the recommended level for the first 24 hours of the raid being live, so I’m pretty content to sit back and watch.

If you’re still trying to grind some power levels, the good news is that Bungie isn’t fixing the broken Deep Stone Crypt drops for a bit. For more space games, though, you can follow that link.

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