Dev1ce Breaks Silence on Astralis’ Early Elimination From CS:GO Tournament

Despite dev1ce and blameF’s best efforts, Astralis lost 2-0 to underdog HEET in the quarterfinals of the $50,000 online CS:GO competition CCT North Europe Series two yesterday.

After spending one year on the sidelines due to health issues, dev1ce had the perfect return to pro play aside from Astralis’ elimination. The 27-year-old exited the tournament with an average 1.43 rating after four maps played, according to HLTV, which is the second highest rating of CCT North Europe Series two. One day after the elimination, dev1ce said Astralis have much to work on.

“There is so much to build on, and I am completely confident we are on the right path and that we will only improve from here,” dev1ce said on Astralis’ website. “As a team, but also for myself. I’m still a bit rusty, which shows in some situations, but overall I am just happy to be back and to have this feeling of being on a team again. It is always about the team, and I am disappointed about the result, but being back is awesome.”

It’s too soon to say dev1ce is still on top of his game, but if he and blameF—who has the highest rating of CCT North Europe Series two at the moment—can keep this consistency, it’ll be easier for Astralis to restructure the team for 2023. They still have to play tier-one teams to get a better picture and decide the lineup for next year, which still includes academy player Mikkel “MistR” Thomsen.

The great thing for Astralis is that they’re going to play one more tournament in 2022 before heading to the player break. The organization will reveal the details of the tournament at a later date.

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