Diablo Immortal Expansion Hints May Lie Behind Cain’s Locked Door

You might be interested in exploring the back area of Deckard Cain’s enigmatic workshop after you’re done locating the greatest Diablo Immortal Legendary items and using them to sunder Skarn’s troops. It appears to include an interactable altar that might portend a future expansion if you are able to infiltrate this inner sanctum.

The war torn world of Sanctuary has a thousand nooks and crannies for players to explore, and Blizzard’s mobile game turned PC adventure, Diablo Immortal, is perfect for doing just that.

Players have already torn the fabric of reality apart by somehow accessing a hidden room in Westmarch that appears to be a cosy little tavern (no, it’s still not the modded church from Nier: Automata), but it turns out the lovable Deckard Cain is also obscuring some secrets in his home.

There’s an entire room locked away in Cain’s workshop, and Diablo Immortal players are determined to uncover the mysteries contained within – especially because they may hint at a new expansion.

Discovered by u/TheGreatPilgor, the Eastern room of Cain’s workshop appears to contain an altar of some form that glows with an eerie, violet hue, alongside an open book on a pedestal. Rows of books contained in deep walnut cabinets frame the room, as well as several worn parchments with odd symbols.

While one Redditor jokes that “the book is titled ‘101 delicious ways to cook humans,’” another stipulates that the altar may be “a crafting table for a future expansion,” going on to state “‘I’m curious what’s behind the big door in Westmarch, since the area behind it is already outlined in the map.”

It’s no secret that Diablo Immortal is one of Blizzard’s major focuses at the moment. Accruing over 3 million players, it’s the perfect way for the denizens of Sanctuary to while away the hours (or well, months) until Diablo 4 releases.

If you’re planning to explore Blizzard’s new RPG, be sure to check out our Diablo Immortal tier list to help you pick your class, as well as the best Diablo Immortal builds to help you slaughter the hordes in style.

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