Diablo Immortal Microtransactions Make Over $100 Million

In the two months after the RPG game Diablo Immortal released, microtransactions have generated over $100 million in global player spending, according to a research from the digital analytics platform SensorTower. On June 1, the free-to-play game became live on mobile devices and personal computers. After an early delay, it has just begun to sell in China.

SensorTower reports that Diablo Immortal has made $100 million across the App Store and Google Play store, which means that this figure only takes mobile spending into account. The actual figure, then, is likely even higher when factoring in purchases made on Blizzard’s Battle.net shop for PC.

Unfortunately, Blizzard hasn’t put out official numbers saying how much money the game has made overall, although they did announce that the game recently reached 20 million players, which happened prior to the game’s release in China.

The report compares these numbers to other major mobile releases, such as Niantic’s Pokémon GO (which reached the $100 million mark in two weeks) and Nintendo’s Fire Emblem Heroes, which managed to hit the same milestone ten weeks after its launch.

In July 2021, the state of California filed a lawsuit against Activision Blizzard alleging years of workplace discrimination and harassment. The story has since embroiled CEO Bobby Kotick and prompted the US federal government to open an investigation. It continues to unfold and to be of immense importance to the game industry. You can catch up on all the developments so far in this regularly updated explainer article.
These numbers are almost certainly set to rise following the launch in China, which has also left fans feeling hope for more consistent updates now that the game is available in the Chinese market. Previously, some players have expressed sadness over the game’s rather sparse events schedule since its launch.

There have also been several points of backlash against the fantasy game – most recently after some players claimed a Diablo Immortal battle pass bug caused them to miss out on hefty amounts of experience. However, some other players are just desperate to pet the dog that sits in Westmarch looking sorry for itself.

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