Dota 2 Battle Pass Part Two Begins As Diretide Event Returns

The Dota 2 battle pass part two has begun as the Diretide event resumes following The International 2022’s explosive conclusion, in which Tundra Esports won the Valve MOBA game’s championship by defeating Team Secret in the TI 2022 championship match. For the first time in three years, the Dota 2 player count has surpassed 1 million concurrent users thanks to the competition, which witnessed the debut of the new Dota 2 hero Muerta.

The 2022 Dota 2 battle pass part two runs November 3 – Jan 12. It’s all part of the same battle pass, so those who already picked it up during the tournament will have access to all the newly arrived goodies, which can be unlocked as you level the battle pass. These include a Dota 2 Cave Johnson announcer pack at level 75, Diretide themed shader effects and versus screens, and a Razor Arcana bundle called Voidstorm Asylum at level 383. There’s also the usual run of Immortals treasures for various heroes, including a Queen of Pain bundle that gives her a rather spectacular can-can animation.

Probably the most exciting part for most players will be the Crystal Maiden persona Conduit of the Blueheart, which unlocks at battle pass level 148. This completely overhauls the frosty support specialist, replacing her standard model with a “wolf avatar filled with the magics of the Blueheart – optionally accompanied by a wolf pup tagging along.” This includes everything you’d expect from a persona, which means new animations, spell effects, ability icons, and over 600 voice lines that are exclusive to the Conduit.

Meanwhile, Diretide is back – the beloved game mode sees teams rushing to collect candy from creeps and stealing it from the enemy players to satiate Roshan’s hunger. Playing both the Diretide mode and regular matches of Dota 2 during the event will earn you Diretide Points, with special seasonal rewards doled out for every 100 points earned. There’s also the Candyworks and Treasure Emporium, where players can trade in candy earned from the battle pass to claim a variety of rare goodies including Arcana and a custom Roshan skin.

If you don’t have the battle pass yet, you can get it for free courtesy of a Dota 2 TI swag bag that can be claimed by logging in and playing a total of ten matches. It also includes a free Arcana of your choice, so don’t miss out! We’ve also got plenty more of the best multiplayer games if you’re looking to party up with pals, and lots of the best free PC games for anyone after some great things to play for free.

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