Dota 2 Pro 23savage Makes History as First Player to Break Legendary Milestone

The top players in Dota 2 keep climbing the never-ending mountain that is the ranked system every day. After achieving 13,000 MMR today, Nuengnara “23savage” Teeramahanon continued his pattern of setting records as professionals and pub stars compete to achieve new heights.

Ever since The International 2022 concluded, Talon Esports’ position one player has been fiending in the Southeast Asian servers. 23savage’s grind to his grand achievement took three weeks of playing extensively, just in time for the 2023 DPC season.

23savage’s achievement is even more impressive since he was also the first player to reach 12,000 MMR in 2021. The young core player was the second player to hit 11,000 MMR in 2020, showcasing his dedication to honing his skills in Dota 2’s matchmaking system outside of scrims.

Fans were especially impressed by the fact that 23savage achieved this milestone on the SEA server, one of the most challenging matchmaking pools in the world. Whenever players from other regions start playing public matches on the SEA server, they encounter drastic losing streaks.

The extra layer of difficulty in the SEA server comes from the overall competitiveness of players in the region. Considering core positions are highly demanded by a majority of the player pool, the region struggles with a lack of dedicated support players. This situation causes debates amongst core players since some get forced to play support. With language barriers, SEA becomes one of the hardest servers to grind MMR on, but 23savage has been a statement to disprove that thesis.

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