Dr. Disrespect Launches New AAA Studio With Call Of Duty, Halo Veterans

Dr. Disrespect is one of the most well-known streamers out there, whether it’s because of the size of his viewership or because of his public ban from Twitch after streaming from an E3 restroom. He’ll continue to stream, but his new studio Midnight Society will take him into the world of video game creation.


“We flip the tables on the traditional video game development model and embrace the ‘Day Zero Community,’” the Midnight Society website reads. “That means including our players – yes, you – from the earliest most inception. That could be testing reload times and recoil patterns on a firing range or jumping in for the first-ever PVP sessions. No more ‘I hope this game will be good.’ Be there when your voice can actually make an impact because we want to hear it. Really.” 

As for what to expect from Midnight Society, the studio does not have a formal announcement for a game. However, all signs point to a multiplayer shooter. Be it Beahm’s involvement, former Call of Duty and Halo developers, the mention of “reload times and recoil patterns in a firing range” or the job listing description that urges possible employees to “step up, strap in, and start defining the next best competitive multiplayer experiences, period,” it seems Midnight Society’s first game will be a shooter. 

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