Dragon Age 4 Characters Are Getting More Personality

We still don’t know much about any of the Dragon Age 4 characters, whether they’re returning or not, but we do know that BioWare wants them to have “more personality” than in prior RPG titles. Iron Bull will be difficult to beat, but if they say so.

The latest BioWare blog post is the developer’s first ‘community update’, the first of a series that includes developer comments and details on the state of upcoming games such as Dragon Age 4 and Mass Effect 5. The new post is more of an introduction but does contain a few nuggets about the long-delayed next game in BioWare’s fantasy game series.

The most significant detail is from technical director Maciej Kurowski. He talks a little about having “the right tools that best fit our game”, but also says how much deeper the characters will be in Dragon Age 4. “We take characters very seriously,” Maciej states, “and do a lot of work to give them more personality than they have ever had in the past.”

The developer also says that the game is “shaping up to be something amazing”. As for what the Dragon Age 4 release date will be or when fans can expect to actually see the next Dragon Age in action, the post only states that it’ll be when “the time is right”.

It won’t be at EA Play this summer anyway, we can tell you that much.

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