During a Market Event, Apex Legends Gets New Skins

The new Apex Legends season just started, but there’s already a mini-event chock-full of new skins to lure us into giving our favourite Legends a makeover. Respawn Entertainment and Market have partnered up to offer new streetwear for a couple of Apex Legend’s heroes.

This time around, you’ve got the choice of Ringside Wraith, Night Crawler Mirage, Sundown Desperado Bloodhound, and Mic Check Lifeline. Each skin is available until November 23 for 1,800 Apex Coins each. Respawn is also offering some limited-time bundles if you fancy nabbing all four skins at a discount.

Respawn also gave Apex Legends a post-Escape balance pass last week. The devs have decreased the Triple Take’s headshot multiplier, the EVA-8 does less damage now, and the G7 Scout can do more headshot damage and hold more ammo. The Double Tap hop-up has also been removed from crafting, and the devs have covered some holes that led players to fall through the map and to their death. Whoops.Your Black Friday PC Gaming Deals Hub

Here are the new Market skins, if you’re curious:

For more about Apex Legends, you can check that link.

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