Dusk Developers Have a New Fallout-Style Isometric RPG Game

Fallout’s isometric RPG days may appear to be a distant memory. As Bethesda continues to expand its open environments, the classic period of text scrolling, sprite animations, and magnificent 2D visuals fades away like the banished Vault Dweller trudging out into the desert. But all is not lost: New Blood Interactive, the studio behind the fantastic retro FPS Dusk, has announced a new isometric cyberpunk game developed in conjunction with the developers of two popular Fallout fan projects.

Though it doesn’t have a name yet, New Blood’s latest project certainly has a pedigree. Adam Lacko is the creator of Project Van Buren, a recreation of the isometric RPG that was once in development at Black Isle Studios, and originally planned to release as Fallout 3. He’s joined by Alexander Berezin, who created the artwork for Fallout: Sonora, a mod based on the second game which adds a whole new story with 100 unique quests.

Rounding out the team is Mark Morgan, and if you don’t know his name, you definitely know his work. He’s the composer behind the soundtracks for the original Fallout and its sequel, including the brooding and iconic track ‘Metallic Monks’. You might recognise that drum beat – it’s the one that pops every time you level up in Fallout 4.

New Blood has only released a single image so far, which shows a leather-jacketed man, presumably our protagonist, standing at the crossroads of retro-futuristic urban sprawl.

The art style looks incredibly Fallout, with enormous vending machines, jet-powered cars, and civilians milling around in jumpsuits – a kind of exaggerated 1950s, where miniaturisation never happened. It marks another addition to New Blood’s already impressive lineup of development projects, including a new game in the horror series Faith and an HD remake of the Doom and Quake homage Dusk.

So if you like us you like your RPGs isometric and old-school – or perhaps remade completely, like the new version of Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall that just launched on GOG – this is definitely one to keep your eye on.

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