Dying Light 2: The New Patch Makes The Nights Deadly

Dying Light 2 has received Update 1.2.0, which brings a slew of bug patches and updates to the new zombie game. The patch also improves the balance of nighttime play, the final boss fight, and the game’s accessibility options, in addition to fixing the persistent ‘deathloop’ glitch that has been haunting players like an infected bite.

First up, that nasty deathloop bug that shunted players into a never-ending cycle of respawning and dying outside a critical mission area has finally been fixed, developer Techland says. That’ll come as a relief to players who have found their progression blocked by this issue.

The patch also makes some important adjustments to the way things work at night in Villedor. Howlers, the creepy guys who set off chases when they spot you, have had their detection range increased, and they’re now more resistant to ranged weapons – so it’ll be tougher to take them out from above to clear a safe path through the streets.

Once a chace begins, you’ll find that volatiles emerge from their hiding spots faster, and that level four of each chase is significantly more challenging. If you were finding nights to be a cakewalk compared to the ones in the original Dying Light, Techland has dialled things up a couple of notches.

The studio has also made an improvement pass on melee combat, which should be noticeable right away. Blunt weapons now have a better sense of weight, and enemy reactions have been tuned to help convey this as well. Human opponents take less time to react to light hits, and they’re capable of blocking your attacks during this reaction window, too – no more easy stun-locks, it seems. However, enemies will get stuck on spikes correctly now.

The team has made biters more bitey: they’ll latch onto you more often, which Techland says “diversifies enemy encounters.” We suppose that’s one way to put it.

The patch also adds a dedicated tab for accessibility options, so those should be easier to find and enable from now on.

The patch is available now, and you can read the full list of PC patch notes on Steam if you want to see what else is new.

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