Elden Ring Dragon: The Large Gray Dragon Is Stunning

In FromSoft’s dark fantasy RPG, the mere sight of an Elden Ring dragon is enough to arouse awe and perhaps even fear. TheChondroCompany’s amazing Elden Ring diorama on Reddit is low on terror but long on amazement. The diorama shows a Tarnished carrying a Glintstone Staff squaring battle against the powerful Agheel near Lake Agheel (where else?). It’s an incredibly intricate design with ingenious details that perfectly encapsulates The Lands Between.

The layered scales of Agheel’s wings are impressive and beautifully made, but the smaller touches stand out just as much and really make this feel special – the ripples on the water, the withered grass, mossy stones, and yellow-hued undergrowth, and of course, the scorched trees.

Agheel’s flame stands out as well, especially in the images where the lights are out. TheChondroCompany said they used painted cotton wrapped around an LED light for the effect, and to top it all off, the tip of the Glintstone Staff even glows at the tip. Props to choosing magic for taking out the dragon as well. Agheel is a proper pain with melee weapons early in Elden Ring, and bows are a nightmare.

One commenter joked that it was almost too accurate, noting Agheel would never behave in such a normal fashion.

“Highly inaccurate depiction. Agheel would never perch on the bluff like that. Crawl up the bluff in defiance of physics, float in the air while walking in a circle next to the bluff? Yes! But perch? Absolutely not!”

As for future projects, TheChondroCompany said they’re actively considering what to do next. The Radahn Festival is top on their list, especially something depicting Radahn’s infamous meteor form.

If you’re gearing up for another go at the dragon or Radahn himself, have a look at our Elden Ring armor guide and staff locations so you’re prepared for the battles ahead.

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