Elden Ring Mod Adds Diablo Loot System to Fromsoftware RPG

The vast open-world game from FromSoftware has a new Elden Ring mod that changes the way that weapons, armour, and other gear function to more closely resemble Diablo loot. Many of you will undoubtedly be thinking about going back to the Lands Between in 2023 as the massive adventure from the makers of Dark Souls and Bloodborne approaches its anniversary of release. Mods are a fantastic way to change things up, and this is one of the more innovative ones we’ve seen so far, with cryptic hints being the only indication of Elden Ring DLC so far.

The Elden Ring Diablo style loot mod comes from the wonderfully named CornflakeRush, who decided to attempt a complete overhaul to the way that gear upgrades work in Elden Ring. Elden Ring DSL, as they call it, adds a huge pool of ‘random’ loot to the game that can drop from enemies or found out in the world. Instead of the traditional system of using special upgrade materials to enhance the best Elden Ring weapons, you’ll be actively trying to just find better gear in the wild.

CornflakeRush explains the idea behind the mod: “Rather than finding a weapon and upgrading it to max, you’re encouraged to go out and slay your foes in the hope of making them drop one of the many, many, many possible weapons and armour pieces they have to offer to improve your build!”

Much like Diablo, weapons in Elden Ring DSL come with a rarity value, with eight different tiers ranging from ‘common’ to ‘godslaying’ – the higher the rarity, the more damage it will deal, with an increased chance of multiple damage types. The specific damage value of a weapon drop is also slightly randomised within its given rarity range, and you’ll also get specific modifiers that can boost your character’s stats or apply certain effects.

These modifiers will be familiar to RPG fans, with prefixes and suffixes applied to the weapon’s name to indicate what it does. For example, a ‘Potbrewer’s’ weapon will increase the damage from thrown pot items such as fire pots and lightning pots, ‘Vampiric’ weapons will restore a percentage of your health upon killing an enemy, and ‘Spined’ gear will cause you to inflict damage when rolling into enemies.

In addition to the stats and effects, gear will also come with a randomised selection of Ashes of War, further enhancing the drive to go out there and find that perfect roll. If you’re someone who has already discovered most of what Elden Ring has to offer, this new approach should completely shift the vibe of exploration again. It’s a nice way to throw a little more uncertainty and surprise into what might be a more known quantity after all these months.

CornflakeRush notes that the mod is still in very early beta, though they encourage anyone who thinks it sounds interesting to give it a try as they’re looking for “feedback and critique regarding drop rate balancing, bug finding, and most importantly whether the mod is actually fun!” It certainly sounds like a fun idea to us – and could make a great companion to the likes of the Elden Ring enemy randomisers and more of the best Elden Ring mods.

The Elden Ring Diablo style loot mod is available on Nexus Mods.

Whether you’re opting to try this out or stick to the base game’s systems, we’ve got the best Elden Ring builds for you. If you’re just exploring the Lands Between for the first time, we’ve got everything you need to know about all the Elden Ring bosses. If you still aren’t sold yet, check out the PCGamesN Game of the Year awards for our thoughts on what makes Elden Ring and other top games from 2022 so special.

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