Elden Ring Mod – Firebending Moveset in the Style of Avatar: The Last Airbender

A new Elden Ring mod now allows you to control fire in the manner of the popular animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender. Fire can be one of the most dangerous elements in Elden Ring. A complete moveset from the show is included in the RPG game mod, as well as the ability to create lightning, which is usually only used by the most sincere practitioners of the craft.

The ‘Firebending moveset’ Elden Ring mod is described by creator Clever, who goes by clevererraptor6 on Nexus Mods, as “a tribute to my favourite childhood show.” The mod includes a complete moveset of light, heavy, rolling, sprinting, and jumping attacks – as well as attacks designed to be used from horseback.

Using the one-handed moveset will give your character’s attacks more range, while the two-handed moveset has slightly more of a melee focus. You can wield the scorching element in just about all the ways you’d imagine, from concentrated jets and sweeping lashes of fire to the ability to fling fireballs from both your hands and feet, just as characters do in ATLA. One really nice attention to detail for fans is the way that most of the moves are built around circular motions, which replicates the movements that firebenders tend to use in the show to draw out their power.

In addition, an ash of war adds a more advanced firebending technique from ATLA – the ability to create and channel lightning. You can bring a bolt of electricity crashing down at your feet with a snap of your fingers, and then fire off sparks at distant foes. Clever’s showcase uses the full toolkit to make quick work of some of the more threatening Elden Ring bosses – though a warning for a few minor spoilers in the second half of the video below as a result.

Responding to a comment, Clever says they are working on adding an option to switch to blue fire to represent the show’s Princess Azula, a firebender who developed her technique enough to wield the even hotter flames. It’s clear that this mod was made by a fan with a lot of passion for The Last Airbender, and anyone who holds the show fondly in their heart will undoubtedly get a lot of joy from replicating the moves in the Lands Between.

In other Elden Ring news, two incredible runs of the open-world game were among the highlights of Summer Games Done Quick 2022, which just raised $3 million for charity. Another modder recently decided to make a dramatic cutscene for the game’s worst boss to make them seem a tad more intimidating.

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