Elden Ring Roleplayer Lift Mechanic Keeps Raya Lucaria’s Lifts Running

Keep an eye out for Lift Mechanic, an Elden Ring roleplayer who is especially useful if you ever visit the Academy of Raya Lucaria. This resourceful gamer has taken it upon themselves to make sure that anyone navigating the open-world game’s enchanted corridors won’t encounter any technical difficulties.

A video shared by Reddit user Ayen_C shows Lift Mechanic’s full routine in practice. Summoned in just before the lift up into the academy’s main entrance, Lift Mechanic joins the other players in jogging towards the elevator shaft before turning and throwing their arms out, as though telling the others to hold back.

They then proceed to throw some rainbow stones down to warn of their impending works, call in the lift, and get down to business. Inspecting each of the chains in turn, they crouch down to get a better look with their torch and pull out a telescope to peer more closely for any signs of wear and tear.

Only once Lift Mechanic is satisfied do they motion that the group should proceed – snapping their fingers as the platform carries them up towards the Academy’s entranceway. Arriving at a group of enemies, they fall to their knees and cower in fear – they’re a mechanic, after all, not a fighter. Once the foes have been dealt with, the group sets off on its way.

Over the course of the eight minute video, Lift Mechanic inspects and tackles each of Raya Lucaria’s major lifts in turn. Of particular note is the giant rotating contraption which carries players high up and then curves all the way back down into a pit at the bottom of the academy. Upon arriving at it, Lift Mechanic raises their arms in awe at the majesty of the mechanism. They then decide that work is in order, and set about hammering the lift periodically as it makes its way slowly around.

Upon reaching the end of their journey, Lift Mechanic says their goodbyes to the other players. Ayen_C, for their part, decides that payment is due for services rendered, and drops several large golden runes on the floor as a thanks to the dedicated engineer. Elden Ring is a role-playing game, after all – so why not get into the spirit of things?

Ayen_C notes that they’ve actually encountered Lift Mechanic on two separate occasions, and that their routine is consistent – they go so far as to compare them to an NPC. Some players query how many people are too impatient to see the full thing in action, to which user Lena_ER – who appears to be the mechanic in question – says, “I’ve been killed outright or kicked more than I’ve completed the skit.” We can certainly believe it, but those players definitely missed out on something special.

Lift Mechanic may have a way to go to match the legend of Elden Ring’s most famous roleplayer, the pot-wearing Let Me Solo Her. If you do happen to tour the halls of Raya Lucaria with them, however, you might want to keep an eye for the one student left at the back of Rennala’s class by a small typo in the game’s code.

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