ESL Pro League Season 15 Playoffs: Heroic is Eliminated

Today, in the round of 12 of ESL Pro League season 15, Team Liquid avenged Heroic’s triumph in ESL Pro League season 14 in 2021. Unlike last year, the North Americans did not crumble under the pressure. Instead, they dominated Heroic in both maps of the series.

The scoreboard on Ancient (16-9), the first map of this CS:GO series, may not tell the whole story. Liquid lost the first half 9-6 but won all 10 rounds of the CT side to take the map. Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski was a force to be reckoned with, securing 15 kills in those 10 rounds to push his team toward the comeback.

The series then went to Vertigo, and despite it being Heroic’s pick, the Danes did not do much. Liquid displayed a strong defensive setup in the first half and secured a big advantage (11-4) for the final half. Heroic showed some glimpses of life during their CT side, but ultimately it was the North Americans who won 16-10.

It was symbolic that John “oSee” Ohm, Liquid’s new AWPer for 2022, beat Ismail “refrezh” Ali, the one who dealt so much pain to Liquid with that famous one-vs-five clutch on Inferno, in a one-vs-one post-plant situation to close out the game in favor of the North American powerhouse.

This victory against Heroic allows Liquid to advance to the ESL Pro League season 15 quarterfinals. The North Americans will face Ninjas in Pyjamas tomorrow at 12pm CT for a spot in the semifinals.

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