Exo One Is Out Now!

Exo One, also known as Christopher Nolan’s Tiny Wings, is currently in theatres. For the past four years, we’ve been writing about its stunning science-fiction landscapes, but now you can actually roll and soar across them for yourself.

Here’s the launch trailer:

There’s a mysterious story pulling you through Exo One, but the real meat of it is in how it looks and feels. It’s stunning, for a start, whether you’re zooming across choppy seas, desolate mountains, or floating between cuboid islands in the sky. It’s a part dreamscape, part disaster movie. This is the Christopher Nolan part.

In terms of how it feels, it’s alternately peaceful and exhilarating. Your ship can morph between being a disc and a ball, with the former causing you to float through the air and the latter causing you to plummet towards the ground. You quickly learn to use both these modes to build momentum, turning into a ball to hit the ground and roll on a downslope, before using a hill as a launch ramp and turning back into a disc. This is the Tiny Wings part.

I’ve enjoyed Exo One when I’ve played it in demos and at shows, but those play sessions have all stopped just as I felt like I was getting the hang of it. I’m interested to see how and if it grows over the course of the full game. And RPS will have a review up on Monday next week that explains how.

If you don’t want to wait, you can grab it from Steam now for £13.04/€14.39.

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