Faker Breaks JDG’s Ankles After Winning Crucial 1-vs-1 In Worlds 2022 Semifinal

Legendary T1 mid laner Faker is the most resilient League of Legends player in one-on-one battles. Faker chose to engage in a fight with JD Gaming’s top laner 369 in today’s Worlds 2022 semifinal matchup, narrowly winning it. Although 369 popped Renekton’s Dominus (R) at the start of the fight to give himself extra health, Faker responded by dealing enough damage with his Ryze combo to win the one-vs-one by the slimmest of margins.

The difference maker in the duel was the use of Ignite by Faker at the start of the one-vs-one, which dealt extra damage to take down the JDG top laner, but also prevented him from getting the maximum amount of healing out of Renekton’s passive lifesteal.

Immediately following his duel with 369, Faker was pursued by JDG’s bottom lane pairing of Hope and Missing, who attempted to retaliate the solo kill with a trade of their own. Faker, however, narrowly evaded their field of vision as they chased him down, and made it into a nearby brush. Unfortunately for him, Faker was still heading towards JDG’s side of the map, meaning he would have to turn tail and about face if he wanted to get back to his own fountain.

Thinking quickly on his feet, Faker used Ryze’s ultimate Realm Warp (R) to teleport out of the brush and back into the lane, only this time, in the right direction. Hope and Missing were already mid-pursuit, and soon discovered that they were too far away from Faker post-Realm Warp to continue their chase. They had no choice but to allow him to Recall back to base safely.

Faker and T1 would go on to defeat JDG in the third game of the series just a few minutes later.

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