Fallout and the Backrooms Are Finally Together

Thanks to this cool New Vegas mod that lets you design, develop, and attempt to survive your own liminal spaces, the Backrooms creepypasta, which just went popular thanks to Kane Pixel’s horrific video series, and Fallout, Bethesda’s enduring RPG, are finally combined.

Plainly titled The Backrooms, the mod by AgentFuse adds a new tile set to New Vegas’ in-game asset catalogue, allowing players to develop their own versions of the creepy, nonsensical labyrinth, and share them with other players who fancy testing their nerves. Patterned walls, dull fluorescent lights, doors, windows, and panels that lead to nothing – The Backrooms mod has everything you’d expect from the internet’s strangest horror, serving as the ideal foundation for other Fallout crossovers to come.

What we need now are for people to start building their own Fallout Backrooms, and for more modders to create entities like the skin-stealers, facelings, and hounds. The Backrooms already has a game, courtesy of Pie on a Plate Productions who published it for free on Steam, but we can’t help thinking that Fallout: New Vegas’ intensely buggy game world, and the various horrors that it has produced over the years, is the perfect setting for the creepypasta’s glitching, warping, sentient architecture.

If you aren’t familiar with the Backrooms, it’s a dimension or transitional space between our reality and the realities of various, other, terrifying parallel universes. The stories typically involve people suddenly appearing there and finding it impossible to escape as the dull, generic environment – modelled after the stock rooms and warehouses of modern outlet stores – reshapes around them, and dispatches various creatures to hunt them down. It’s pretty scary stuff, and we’re excited to see what the always-vibrant Fallout modding community might add to it, given the framework created by AgentFuse.

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