Fallout London is Looking for Voice Actors, Cockney Accents Optional

The most ambitious Fallout 4 mod is probably Fallout London, which transplants the venerable Bethesda RPG game franchise from the radioactive shores of the United States to the equally radioactive coasts of the UK. Fallout London will probably be your best choice if you’re searching for anything to play while you wait for the arrival of Fallout 5 because it has a new map, quests, enemies, and weaponry. But when you can truly participate, why merely play this enormous new Fallout 4 version?

Team Folon, creator of Fallout London, has issued a casting call to potential voice actors, and you can apply to be in the open-world game right now. And if you’re worried that you don’t sound Jason Statham, Michael Caine, or – ahem – Dick van Dyke enough to make the cut, don’t panic.

Despite its eponymous setting, Fallout London is looking for “a variety of native UK voice types and accents.” Can you do a gruff, northern, Sean Bean type thing? Does your best villain voice sound something like Charles Dance, or the officers aboard the Death Star? Then you might be in with a shot.

There aren’t many details on the specific roles that are being cast, but Team Folon does offer some sample dialogue, which might be a giveaway.

“I like your thinking, Colonel,” reads one line from the audition sheet. “You always win with a mercenary. Either they do the job, or there’s no one left to pay.” That, to me, sounds a bit plummy, a bit aristocratic.

“You people have gone too far,” reads another line, which I can’t help imagining in the voice of John Cleese. “This script is the biggest load of hogwash I’ve ever read. It’s propaganda, plain and simple. I will not put it on air. Goodbye.”

You’ll also need to submit some generic combat barks – the little grunts of pain that NPCs make when they get hit, or when they taunt a player after being aggroed. So, clear your throat, puff out your diaphragm, and if you’re interested, check out the application here.

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