Fans Are Critical of League of Legend’s Battle Pass

Riot Games attempted to shake up the game’s long-standing battle pass and rewards structure during the pre-season. Starting on December 9th, the new Debonair event and skinline introduced these new missions and goals.

Players were quick to criticize the battle pass for putting goals at an almost unachievable distance without paying. The controversy only spiraled as Riot Games was proven to be actively resetting player’s progress who were close to achieving rewards solely through playing the game.

This issue of ‘resetting’ seemed to be more widespread than initially expected, and players took to Reddit to describe the battle pass’ leveling system as ‘miserable.’ Reddit user Fillia stated that they had reached around the 390/400 XP points multiple times though lost their progress as it did not carry over every time. Though later deleting their post, the Reddit user stated “his feeling is comparable to getting 99 LP instead of a promotion in the old system.”

The convoluted systems see players no longer earn tokens after games as per normal. Instead, players earn points and for every 400 points, a player is rewarded 20 tokens. Fulfilling missions for both League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics are other ways to speed up the process for winning tokens.

In between patches and in isolated cases, it seems that progress has been manually reset by Riot Games. Many players have echoed that these new systems feel ‘greedy’ and ‘like a scam.’ Though players are clearly upset with this progression system, Riot Games has yet to address their practices

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