FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition Was Free for 15 Minutes

With a host of much anticipated innovations, FIFA 23 will give EA’s famous football game a fresh lease on life on next-generation systems. But due to an unforeseen error on the Epic Games store, the Ultimate Edition is now only 4.8 Indian Rupees ($0.06).

As we draw ever closer to the next chapter of the FIFA saga, avid fans of one of the best football games to date are champing at the bit to dive back into the action and create their perfect goal scoring squad.

With swathes of new Icons making it onto the pitch and an all-new focus on women’s football, FIFA 23 has very much innovated on its usual formula. What hasn’t changed, though, is the hefty pricepoint, which will always remain a bone of contention.

Turns out, though, that a bizarre glitch on the Epic Games Store meant players in India could pick up the Ultimate Edition of game for next to nothing – and trust us when we say, they took full advantage of it.

Posting on the game’s official subreddit, one fan shows off a screenshot of FIFA 23: Ultimate Edition being sold for 4.8 Indian Rupees on the region’s Epic Games Store. 4.8 Rupees comes out at 6 US cents ($0.06) or 5p UK (£0.05).

To put that into perspective, the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition can currently be pre-ordered for $99.99 / £89.99 on the PlayStation store. Quite the bargain, huh?

Turns out that this wasn’t simply DLC or skins, either. One player who copped the game writes “I actually bought it. I can confirm it’s a full game.”

The original poster notes that the glitch was fixed incredibly quickly, but multiple players did, in fact, snag a copy of the game. This leaves an elephant in the room – will EA simply refund the game so that they need to buy it again?

“Hope they don’t refund,” writes one lucky fan, while another comments “Bought multiple copies. Hope they don’t refund this.”

Others have approached the issue playfully, with one cheeky response reading “to be fair, this is how much the game should actually cost.”

Whether or not the lucky ones will simply receive a refund and, in turn, have to pay full price remains to be seen – we have our fingers crossed for them. As we wait in anticipation for the next instalment in EA’s iconic franchise, though, be sure to check out our FIFA 23 crossplay breakdown.

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