First Modern Warfare II Multiplayer Details Are Here

During a recent closed-door presentation, Infinity Ward finally released some details about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II’s multiplayer mode. To wrap up the presentation, which primarily focused on the story, Infinity Ward multiplayer design directors Joe Cecot and Geoffrey Smith entered the stage to discuss the multiplayer component of MWII, which had previously been kept under wraps.

Full-fledged multiplayer details were scant for now, likely saved for a full reveal later this summer. But the developers spoke about some of the ideas that go into the design of an online FPS like MWII and the challenges that come with it.

Cecot revealed some crucial information that swimming in water will play “a big role” in multiplayer, including firing underwater with pistols or using knives, using boats and amphibious vehicles, and catering water for “escape and evasion” while also working hard on maintaining visibility.

He also said new equipment has been designed with water in mind, including a proximity mine that deploys floaties and becomes a landmine for boats. A new dive mechanic has been added as an escape and traversal maneuver as wll.

“We’re trying to make sure water is a fun place to go play, not a sand trap,” Cecot said.

Cecot then revealed some new equipment coming in MWII, including a “Tactical Camera Field Upgrade” that can be placed on walls. The cameras will beep if enemies move nearby, but the cameras can be manned and controlled by players who can then mark enemies as well.

A new lethal called a “Drill Charge” will attach to walls, drill a hole, and then shoot a grenade through on the other side. Cecot says this tool will be great to flush out enemies who are hiding in a building or behind a wall.

And then there’s the “DDoS Field Upgrade,” which is basically an EMP device. As you travel with the item equipped, the HUD will show nearby electronic equipment, allowing players to trigger it and destroy enemy items within a radius.

Lastly, they revealed an Inflatable Decoy mine, which is a new Field Upgrade that will deploy a soldier-like kevlar dummy “like a car airbag.” It works like a proximity mine and will deploy when an enemy gets nearby.

Smith said the team used 2019’s Modern Warfare and other titles to help narrow down player behaviors to three styles, including rushers, sentinels, and stalkers, and how the team needs to create content for all three kinds.

Rushers like to play aggressively and run and gun, sentinels are defensive players who want to “protect themselves” and “not die,” and stalkers are “reactionary” and “cerebral” players who are more interested in the objective and hunting players, according to Smith.

Modern Warfare II’s multiplayer will go live on Friday, Oct. 28 alongside the game’s campaign and ahead of the eventual Warzone 2 battle royale release.

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