Fnatic Mistic Is Isolated After a Positive COVID Test

Mistic told Dot Esports that the other members of Fnatic are currently “doing okay.” When he arrived in Denmark on July 5, he tested positive. Mistic is separated from his colleagues in his own hotel room.

Mistic has mild symptoms and he is expected to play with the rest of Fnatic for the start of the tournament. VCT Masters is set to begin on July 10 but Fnatic will start their tournament bout in the playoffs, which will kick off on July 14.

Therefore Fnatic is expected to compete under the same roster without the use of substitutes, providing other players do not catch the virus.

At VCT Masters Reykjavík earlier this year, Fnatic was unable to compete with star duelist Nikita “Derke” Sirmitev following a positive COVID diagnosis prior to the start of the tournament. Fnatic would later finish joint last place at the tournament, which concluded on April 24.

Recently Fnatic finished as the best team in the EMEA region following their victory over FunPlus Phoenix in Stage two Challengers, which concluded on June 25. Both teams will represent the region at Masters alongside Guild Esports.

Since FPX and Guild finished in second and third respectively they will begin their tournament runs in the group stage. FPX was placed in Group B and will face off against XERXIA Esports on July 11 while Guild will play OpTic Gaming on July 10.

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