Fnatic Won the VCT LOCK//IN Trophy, but It Didn’t Make It Home in One Piece

The trophy used to represent the European team Fnatic’s convincing victory at VCT LOCK/IN was damaged during the return trip. The trophy was mishandled during the transit on the way home, and two of the Fnatic players who won at VCT LOCK/IN today filed a complaint with the airline British Airways.

Derke, Fnatic’s star duelist, said on Twitter that a baggage worker may have taken the trophy from the case and broken it. Teammate Chronicle said it was “impossible” to break when the trophy was in the case.

The VCT logo, which was green to symbolize Brazil as the tournament hosts and represents the theme of LOCK//IN, was destroyed. Several of the pieces were broken off but it seems the body remains intact.

It’s unclear if British Airways employees mishandled the fragile package or if it was intentionally destroyed.

At the time of publication VALORANT developers and tournament hosts Riot Games has yet to comment on whether a replacement will be shipped to Fnatic.

The trophy was meant to represent the emphatic victory over Brazilian champions LOUD at the first international tournament of the year. Fnatic were almost reverse-swept by LOUD but managed to come back and win the match on the last map, Icebox.

The victory at VCT LOCK//IN was the first time Fnatic had won an international tournament in VALORANT, despite being close multiple times. In-game leader Boaster expressed his emotions after the victory with a teary post-match interview.

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