Forspoken PC Patch Doesn’t Really Fix Anything

The most recent Forspoken Steam patch adds a few modest enhancements and quality-of-life changes, but many of the major technical problems are still there. Forspoken players continue to experience issues with stuttering, lighting and shadow effects, and texture details.

Forspoken’s previous update, 1.002, was intended to fix minor issues relating to localisation, in-game spelling errors, and issues with the game’s HDR mode. However, players reported that, after installing 1.002, they were experiencing more-regular crashes and stuttering problems.

A new Fospoken patch, 1.03, also addresses some of the game’s minor problems including unintended audio in some sections, issues with controller support, and “a crash that can occur when using a specific GPU” – though the patch notes don’t specify which GPU.

Although these fixes are welcome, this leaves a variety of Forspoken’s technical issues still unaddressed. Using an RX580 graphics card can reportedly cause Forspoken to repeatedly crash and there have been problems with Forspoken’s frame-rate even when running the game at lower graphics settings. The latest update may help with the latter of these issues however, since it also reduces the number of on-screen NPCs when Forspoken’s model detail level is set to ‘low.’

The patch also fixes screen flickering problems when using “certain Intel GPUs” and alters the size of the UI when playing Forspoken via Steam Deck. The update will download automatically when you launch Steam, but you might want to try our guide to the best Forspoken settings if you’re still experiencing technical problems. You can see the full patch notes below:

Forspoken 1.03 patch notes

Technical Issues:

  • Fixed an issue where the side button setting can’t be deleted for the 5-button mouse config.
  • Fixed a crash that can occur when using a specific GPU.
  • Fixed an issue where screen flickers occur when using certain Intel GPUs.
  • Fixed an audio issue that caused unintended noise.
  • The UI display size has been adjusted for the Steam Deck when the resolution is set to 1280 x 800.
  • Various minor fixes.

Graphical Adjustments:

  • Updated the graphical settings to cap the number of displayed NPCs when the Model Detail Level is set to Low
  • Updated certain objects’ graphics that appear in the New York map.

Feature Updates:

  • The system has been updated to accept the button inputs from the controller that is used even when multiple controllers are connected to the PC.
  • The patch version will be displayed on the game’s title screen.
    The clickable area for each menu’s entries has been widened for mouse inputs.

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