Fortnite Item Shop Error Leads to Compensation From Epic Games

After a Fortnite item store blunder in its battle royale game accidentally featured an additional item in its promotional image, developer Epic Games is providing compensation to gamers. A bonus item that wasn’t part of the item set that was being offered was added to the Vanishing Point bundle and added to the store in the free PC game.

The Vanishing Point bundle is a stylish white-themed set that includes the Whiteout skin and Overtaker skin, Ignition back bling, Lane Splitter back bling, and the White Squall glider. However, the promotional image for the bundle in the game also displayed the Clutch Axe pickaxe, erroneously giving players the impression that the mining tool was also included in their purchase.

The Fortnite Status account addresses the mistake on Twitter, saying that “We’re aware the Vanishing Point bundle’s image in the item shop incorrectly appears to include the Clutch Axe pickaxe.” Luckily, if you purchased the bundle then Epic Games is ensuring you aren’t left short changed – the tweet adds, “Players who purchase this bundle while it appears with this error will be granted the pickaxe within the next seven days.”

Players who picked up the bundle expecting to get their hands on the Clutch Axe will be relieved to know that they won’t miss out, and those who already spotted the mistake but bought the bundle for its other items can expect to receive a cheeky bonus treat nevertheless.

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