Fortnite Makes Some Call of Duty Inspired Maps, and They’re Awesome

Players have created a Call of Duty-themed Fortnite map, which you can play right now. Fortnite Creative allows players to create a broad range of modes, many of which are inspired by other popular games. It’s no wonder, however, that one of the most intriguing creative takes is based on a minor multiplayer game called Call of Duty, which you may have heard of.

YouTuber Ali-A and Team Atomic created the mode and the maps, and it all works thanks to a few small tweaks to the Fortnite formula. For starters, your weapons no longer have ammo to worry about, you just need to reload when a magazine runs out. Furthermore, you’re not going to find too many items dotted around. Instead, you need to play the mode and earn gold to buy new items for your loadout.

It gives the whole thing an almost RPG game feel, as you grind out gold to unlock new weapons, and then use those new weapons to help you get more gold. It’s not just basic weapons either – players can choose different types for both tactical and lethal slots. There’s even a prestige system, although we’ve not put enough time in to test how well that works yet.

The maps feel true to form too. Each of the three maps is based on a classic Call of Duty offering, but with the name tweaked. There are also small touches of Fortnite, too, like having the Battle Bus as a key feature in the Nuk- uh, “Atomic Town” map.

There’s no health regen in Fortnite, so every person that dies drops a bandage that heals when picked up. It’s all quite clever, and the restrictions in Creative allow for some ingenious workarounds. It’s fun and also encourages you to stick with it.

If you like the sound of that, you can jump in and try it for yourself by using Creative code 9621-5713-1957. Once you’ve done that, you should take a look at how the Fortnite Creative economy is going to change this year too. For more of the best Fortnite Creative codes, you can follow that link.

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