Forza Street Shuts Down This Spring

The news came via a support article for the game from principal design director Andy Beaudoin. “After careful consideration, we have made the difficult decision to close Forza Street as the team shifts its focus to new and exciting Forza experiences. We understand this is tough news for our players, however, we wanted to take this time to share our gratitude and thanks to all who joined us on our first journey into mobile.”

To see the game off, the team has dropped one final update this week. It includes a new unreleased car and 12 weeks of Rare and Epic Spotlights. Wait times are also being slashed, and players can enjoy a faster energy recharge to play more often. There are also reduced prices on all items bought with in-game currency. The in-app real-world money store has, however, already been closed down. Any purchases made in the past 30 days will be automatically refunded.

Forza Street will remain playable until the Spring, although an exact date for termination hasn’t been given.  The free-to play entry launched back in 2019, first for the PC and then mobile a few months later. As for the future, Beaudoin teases “its DNA will live on in the next wave of products we create to excite, delight, and satisfy the automotive gaming passions of players across the world, where and how they like to play.” You can read a full FAQ on the closure here.

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