French Last Dance: Shox is Putting Together a New CS:GO Team With Eyes on the Paris Major

Organizations and teams are putting their best foot forward to perform on one of the largest stages they may ever play on as the BLAST Paris Major 2023 draws nearer. In a similar vein to the “Brazillian Last Dance” initiative, a French-themed team appears to be on track ahead of the Paris blockbuster.

Richard “shox” Papillon announced his intention to create a new French roster with the intention of making it through to the big stage in Paris later this year.

Rumors have been circulating regarding the reunion of some of the top players from France throughout Counter-Strike history, and this might be its very first step. “I decided to create my own project…with the main objective to go and get this qualification in Paris,” he said.

Shox is one of the most decorated French players in Counter-Strike history. The 30-year-old has several top 20 placings in HLTV leaderboards, a Major under his belt, and a collection of high-profile teams that have had him in their starting line-ups at one point or another.

Shox has played with some of the greatest players to grace the game like Kenny “KennyS” Schrub and Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut and won trophies in almost every team he’s been a part of.

Shox made the switch to Team Liquid in Dec. 2021, and failed to make an impact with the roster, which eventually led to the French player making his way to the international Apeks squad with Martin “STYKO” Styk and Joakim “jkaem” Myrbostad. After three months with the org, shox was allowed to explore other options due to a “difference in vision.”

Now with shox creating his own project, there might be more of a chance for the 30-year-old to play CS:GO in the style that he believes in.

At this point, shox has chosen to remain secretive. Regarding the lineup, shox stated, “I’ll tell you no more, I give you an appointment tomorrow at 9pm on my stream.”

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