Frostpunk 2’s Rumored Release Date For City Builder is a Hoax

You may have noticed that the release date for Frostpunk 2 has been leaked. The developers of the bleak city-building game, on the other hand, claim that the leaked information is “fake.” Frostpunk 2 was supposed to be released on January 2, 2024, but it’s unclear whether it will be released sooner or later.

“As we heard today, information about the Frostpunk 2 launch date leaked into the public space,” the devs say in a semi-in-fiction tweet. “We assure you that any pieces of information that aren’t coming straight from the Administration offices are false. Thank you for your attention. Liars shall be punished.”

Despite the bluster about liars being punished, the 2024 date likely comes from developer 11 Bit Studios itself. Developers are forced to input a date when they add a game to the Steam store, even if it’s a fake, placeholder date only intended to be visible in Valve’s back-end systems. A recent change to the Steam API has made those placeholder dates visible to third-party tracking services like SteamDB.

Other games have had placeholder release dates leaked, and while some are within the realm of possibility, others are certainly not. Hollow Knight: Silksong will probably launch before 2028, and Kerbal Space Program 2 certainly did not launch in December 2021.

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