Fueling GEN.G’s Victory Over DWG Kia, Lehends Steals Baron With Singed

After the opening week of the 2022 LCK Summer Split, Gen.G and DWG KIA were unbeaten. However, only one side could leave today’s game with a perfect record.

The match, while exciting on paper, was a one-sided affair, with Gen.G taking the series 2-1. There were, however, some unusual picks that stole the show thanks to some impressive highlight plays. One of them was Lehends, who picked Singed support.

In the first game, Lehends’ Singed was paired with Ruler’s Zeri. The Spark of Zaun isn’t specifically known for a powerful early game, however, alongside Singed and Peanut’s Viego, who often ganked the bot lane, Gen.G’s duo was able to get firmly ahead of their opponents. With DWG KIA’s ShowMaker and Nuguri scaling well on other parts of the map, Gen.G’s bot lane were pivotal to controlling the mid and late-game teamfights.

Despite Gen.G being ahead, DWG KIA managed to secure a favorable fight around the dragon, which opened up a possibility to claim the Baron, especially with Peanut dead. Instead of backing down though, Lehends came to the rescue and somehow stole the Barron, allowing his empowered team to march on DWG KIA’s base and finish off the Nexus.

In the second game, Gen.G once again started with a convincing early game. Although, Nuguri’s Gragas and Canyon’s Wukong destroyed Gen.G in a brawk, allowing DWG KIA to claw back into the game and the series.

Lehends returned with his signature Singed support in the deciding game. This time, however, Gen.G’s bot lane wasn’t the only lane that came out on top in the laning phase. Chovy and Doran performed well in their matchups, putting DWG KIA in an almost unwinnable situation. Perfect teamfighting, as well as vision and map control, ended up securing them the series\

Gen.G is now the leader of the 2022 LCK Spring Split with a 3-0 record. They will look to extend their lead on Friday when they face off against Fredit Brion, who have struggled to pick up a win this split. DWG KIA, on the other hand, will matchup with T1 on Saturday.

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