FunPlus Pheonix and BaddyG Go Separate Ways

BaddyG, a replacement for FunPlus Phoenix’s VALORANT business, has mutually severed relations with the company. The Polish player was brought in as an emergency substitute on March 10, and with him in the roster, FPX managed to qualify for the VCT Masters Reykjavík. The team is, however, unable to participate in the tournament due to travel restrictions, and is now undergoing roster changes.

“We are sad to announce that we are mutually parting ways with baddyG,” FPX said in a post on social media today. “Thank you for stepping into the team and helping us make an unprecedented run when the team was in a struggling time.”

BaddyG joined the team as a substitute because ANGE1 was unable to play. Travel restrictions and COVID-19 resulted in the team missing out on Masters. Team Liquid will represent the EMEA region instead.

“Thank you guys for giving me a chance to prove myself and be able to shine a little bit,” baddyG said in a statement on TwitLonger.

Currently, it remains to be seen whether FPX will be making any more changes to its roster. But with many EMEA teams looking to stir up their rosters ahead of the next stage, it’s more than possible.

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