Genshin Impact Lets a Dog Enter Its Combat Tournament, for Some Reason

For whatever reason, Genshin Impact allows a dog to compete in its fighting competition: anime female with deep tho’s and white hair We weren’t expecting to face a dog on day four of the Genshin Impact Warrior’s Spirit event, which is a fighting tournament where a new opponent is revealed every day. In addition, Taroumaru, who strangely owns the Komore Teahouse in Inazuma, is not just any dog. He previously worked for the Shuumatsuban, which is effectively the Yashiro Commission’s ninja division. You must engage Taroumaru in one-on-one combat because, yes, he is a ninja dog in this anime game.

Taroumaru’s backstory is fascinating, considering he’s, well, a dog. And this actually isn’t the first time that he has popped up in a limited-time combat event to return to his ninja roots. The Hues of the Violet Garden event had players fighting him in Genshin Impact version 2.6.

That event happened back in April 2022 and, even as a day-one player, I completely forgot about it – HoYoverse has added so much more content since then. So, I’m sure newcomers were even more confused than I was when Taroumaru showed up in Warrior’s Spirit.

Once you get past the initial shock of Taroumaru facing off against you with a blade in his mouth, things get even stranger. He grows to be over double his normal size when the fight starts, and he also uses Electro attacks as if he was a Vision.

Genshin Impact lets a dog enter its combat tournament, for some reason: anime dog wearing a hat and holding a blade in its mouth

It’s a shame that Taroumaru will likely never become playable, but maybe we’ll be able to get a fake Taroumaru gadget as a companion, just like we did with Cloud Retainer. That is, if HoYoverse ever adds companions that don’t float.

You can’t travel with Taroumaru, but the Genshin Impact version 3.4 banners are offering the chance to add Hu Tao and Yelan to your parties – two of the best characters in the entire game for the main and sub-DPS categories.

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