Genshin Impact Pulls at Your Heartstrings With Yaoyao and Qiqi Lines

If you’re a fan of either character, the new Genshin Impact Yaoyao and Qiqi voice lines, included in the anime game’s version 3.4 update, will touch your heart. The Liyue duo should be a typical friendship, but Qiqi’s zombie brain makes their friendship more challenging because she sometimes seems to have no memory of anything, including Yaoyao.

Qiqi died young after accidentally trespassing into the realm of the mythical, superpowered adepti. The adepti resurrected her, seeing as she was just an innocent bystander in an accident, but she doesn’t exactly live a normal life anymore. She now needs to keep a notebook to remember things thanks to her horrible, undead memory.

In her voice lines about Qiqi, Yaoyao explains that Qiqi is her best friend even though the zombie girl sometimes forgets who she is. Everything is fine once Qiqi checks her notebook, but it’s still not an ideal situation for either of them.

Yaoyao’s second voice line about Qiqi reveals that she asked Dr. Baizhu in private if there was any way to cure Qiqi, but the line ends with Yaoyao saying “I’ll probably have to keep reminding her who I am for my whole life, but that’s okay.” And Qiqi’s third character story lets us know that Baizhu doesn’t truly care for her, making this situation even sadder.

Genshin Impact pulls at your heartstrings with Yaoyao and Qiqi lines: anime girl standing next to text on a blue background

For whatever reason, HoYoverse decided to give these two young girls a relatively sombre backstory. And you can hear the lines for yourself by obtaining Yaoyao for free when you participate in the Lantern Rite event in Genshin Impact version 3.4.

You can also pull for Yaoyao if you want her constellations, or are interested in adding Alhaitham and Xiao to your teams, as all three characters are on the current Genshin Impact banners in the first half of the 3.4 update.

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