Get the “Starfield Vibe” With This TV and Film, Bethesda Dev Says

You might be wondering what to watch, read, and listen to in preparation for the debut of the newest Bethesda RPG game, Starfield, now that the release date is officially in sight. Since there is a vast amount of space-related information available, recommendations before to Starfield are simple to find. A design director at Bethesda has thus provided you with advice on what to look for beforehand.

You could absolutely play games like Starfield while you wait, but Bethesda design director Emil Pagliarulo has thrown out some suggestions – space is a big genre though, so a lot has influenced the Skyrim team’s next game.

“Some folks have asked me what other movies, besides Prospect, have that Starfield vibe,” Pagliarulo says. “I feel I can’t really answer that specifically without getting into reveal/spoiler territory, and that’s something I can’t and won’t do.”

If you haven’t seen prospect, it’s a 2018 science fiction film starring TVs best dad Pedro Pascal, and after watching the trailer I can absolutely see how Bethesda drew some inspiration from the aesthetic.

“We’ve already stated that you can infiltrate the Crimson Fleet as kind of a space cop and report back to your superiors, so maybe watch… Donnie Brasco?” Pagliarulo jokingly adds.

“But seriously, I don’t think there’s a sci-fi movie or TV show out there that hasn’t inspired Starfield’s many devs in some way, from Space: 1999 to Cowboy Bebop to Event Horizon to Silent Running. It’s outer space, after all – there’s room for everything.”

So there’s a lot you can peruse ahead of the Starfield Game Pass release date, with Pagliarulo dropping some absolute classic space genre recommendations (Cowboy Bebop stans rise up) ahead of launch later this year. While Pagliarulo’s picks are easy ones, each is a classic for a reason, with the universe created in each so well realised that it’s no surprise to hear that Starfield has been inspired by them in some form.

If you want to know even more about the upcoming space game, we’ve got breakdowns of everything we know about both the Starfield ship build system, alongside the Starfield persuasion system too, with more to surely be revealed at the upcoming showcase in June.

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