God of War Mod Pits Master Chief Against Doom Guy

The God of War mod scene is still in its infancy, which is why the majority of the mods you see are perfectly sensible and useful. You’re in luck if you desire blue tattoos or invisibility armour. If you’ve been following Marcos RC, there is a mod that transforms Kratos’ famous axe into a stick and not much else if you want something a little more quirky. Numerous eccentric inventions by the famous modder include the Barney mod for Resident Evil Village and a mod for Resident Evil 2 that substitutes Mr. X with Anya Forger from Spy x Family.

More recently, they’ve taken to modding God of War, with everything ranging from Kratos wearing tight-fitting beach trunks to replacing him with Ricardo Milos. This mod, which TechRadar found first, turns Kratos into the Master Chief from Halo and replaces Baldur with Doom’s Doom Guy.

The result is surprisingly intense for what’s meant to be a joke. For one thing, you can actually watch Chief in third person, something we rarely see outside cutscenes in actual Halo games. Plus seeing him grapple with Doom Guy over Atreus while falling through the air, busting some rocks, and rolling in the snow before getting up and walking off with a head dangling from his futuristic belt is, frankly, just cool.

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They also have a second version of the mod that replaces Baldur with Chief and leaves Kratos alone, getting beaten up by Master Chief before delivering some pain of his own. It’s the console wars come to life, only actually fun and worthwhile.

If you think it’s worthwhile too, you’ll need to prove it with your wallet, though. Marcos RC only made these mods available to their Pateron backers. Backing them costs $6, so bear that in mind.

Elsewhere in Doom developments, you can now play Doom in Doom and the Doom Guy himself (John Romero) is making a new FPS game in Unreal Engine 5.

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