god of war review

God Of War Review

Norse Mythology at its best


In this new God of War we have a taste of the Norse mythology and how it differs from the previous god of war’s Greek Mythology, at first I thought that no mythology can surpass the Greek one but oh BOY how they handled this mythology the way that made me engaged from the very beginning of the game especially the fight with the stranger which was one hell of a fight.

The lore itself is well made, deep and very immersive and I liked it so much that am wanting more and more of the new direction

But this story isn’t entirely about the Norse Mythology with its gods (or should I say Aesirs) but As the platinum’s name indicates, father and son is the title of this new part of God of War as the story here focuses on the relation between Kratos and his son Atreus and how the character development starts from the moment the game starts.

Combat and Game Mechanics

Simple mechanics yet very satisfying and rewarding gameplay, at first you feel the axe is heavy and Kratos himself isn’t the vicious Spartan warrior we used to know with his fast gruesome attacks using the blades, but as the gameplay goes on starting from the fight with the stranger you gonna tell yourself “Oh hell yeah that my buddy Kratos” The Spartan’s rage never ceases to impress me each time I activate it during combat. I also Liked how they made the light and heavy attacks using the R1 and R2 buttons instead of Square and Triangle like old games and the reason for that is mashing the R1 and R2 buttons are heavier and not fast as the Square and Triangle which gives you the feel of how Kratos became less Agile and heavier but still powerful as before

The Axe becomes more powerful and I become addicted to it each time I use it especially with the axe throws, also Using Atreus is the key to success in winning any combat through the game as his arrows (if managed wisely) will inflict huge damage to the enemies making them cake walks in your journey. The customizing system is awesome here although it’s the first time to make its debut in a god of war game but it’s a welcoming addition to the series and I would love to see more and more armors in the game.

Breathtaking moments in the game

The fight with the stranger, the first appearance of the World Serpent and many other plot twists that I wouldn’t wanna spoil them to the people here. But the moment that gave me Goosebumps was the scene where you try to leave Helheim with the ship and you are near this Giant Bird.


Sometimes I felt the pacing wasn’t right and the game felt dragging at certain sections and trying to throw any obstacles in the face of Kratos just for the sake of making the game’s story longer, and also the boss fights could have been more, harder and executed better, but adding the Valkyries to the game made a challenge to it which I Loved.

I really advise everyone to explore this game more and more to feel the full potential of it regarding collectibles, Valkyries or even exploring all 6 realms available for this game

Seriously this is one of the best games I have played in my whole life and can’t wait for the next God of War game.

Final Verdict
New RPG Style
Different combat system
Top-notch acting
Repetitive combat
Minor fetch quests

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