Gotham Knights: A New Gamplay Confirms That a Batman Villian Will Die

A prominent Batman villain, whose fate is revealed in 16 minutes of new Gotham Knights gameplay, is revealed. Fans will recognise this villain from what is undoubtedly the most iconic scene in Batman: Arkham Knight.

Despite the Gotham Knights release date coming in just October, May’s Nightwing and Red Hood gameplay reveal is still our best look at the game. Now IGN has hosted a load of new footage from the start of the action-adventure game, with an updated look at Batgirl gameplay.

While there’s plenty of new information, the most significant is the confirmation – spoiler for the start of Gotham Knights – of the death of Kirk Langstrom, a.k.a. Man-Bat, the source of the most infamous jump-scare in Batman: Arkham Knight. In the footage, Batgirl heads to Gotham University to meet Langstrom in order to investigate the death of Batman – but discovers that he’s been murdered too. So, in this universe, both Batman and Man-Bat are dead.

The new gameplay has a good look at Batgirl’s detective skills and some stealth takedowns too, confirming that Gotham Knights isn’t just an RPG-brawler – although there’s plenty of that in the video too, such as Batgirl taking on a huge bruiser-class enemy.

Langstrom is unlikely to be the “big” Gotham Knights villain reveal that was teased at SDCC in July, especially if the villain is dead, so expect that sooner rather than later. We’re calling Ra’s Al Ghul, especially if Batman’s son Damian Wayne is indeed in Gotham Knights.

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