GTA 5 Update Addresses PC Security Issues Regarding Online Exploits

In response to recent worries about GTA Online hackers and severe vulnerabilities, which have made many players hesitant to log onto one of the most well-liked multiplayer games on PC, Rockstar has launched GTA 5 update 1.66 on PC. The “security-focused” title update contains adjustments intended to enhance the security of communications and session data as well as to address the risk that outside hackers could alter your game and prevent you from playing.

The GTA 5 update 1.66 patch notes are brief, with just a quick overview of the new security features that have been implemented along with “general stability improvements.” The security update is the central focus, however. There were concerns among players, including the creator of a popular GTA Online anti-cheat tool, that the security vulnerabilities might extend to allowing hackers remote access to your PC beyond the game.

Rockstar says in its latest update that the February 1 patch has “Implemented a new data protocol in GTA Online to improve the security of network sessions and player-to-player messaging.” It has also “Fixed an issue that could result in a player’s GTA Online experience being modified by a third party.”

The anti-cheat tool’s creator, Speyedr, notes on Twitter, “Looks like Rockstar have changed some networking behaviour, certainly due to fixing the remote crash exploits.” They say this means that older versions of their tool will not work unless you’re in a solo session, but that the latest release should be available tomorrow. Speyedr adds, “Rockstar don’t usually mess with netcode, but this time it makes sense.”

GTA 5 update 1.66 – patch notes for the security-focused update

Hopefully this means you should once again be safe to hop online and get back to your life of virtual crime, though we’d naturally urge exercising some caution out of the gate to make sure that things are looking good before you jump back in.

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