GTA Online Update Boosts Lamar Missions

Thursday has arrived, which means it’s time for the weekly GTA Online update, and players are already hard at work digging out all the delicious details ahead of Rockstar Games’ official patch notes later on.

This week’s rewards boots are on Lamar missions, Bunker Sell missions, Special Cargo missions, and select Survival Modes, all of which will double up your in-game cash and reputation points rewards, making it a great time to cash in if you’ve been stockpiling. Meanwhile, Tuner Races are offering up twice the normal reputation boost. Players with GTA+ membership can claim triple reputation rewards in Street Races, though this paid “feature” is limited to those on the newest console hardware.

If you’re after some fancy new digs, high-end apartments are available at a 30% discount. If a new set of wheels is more your style, the stylish Jester RR sports coupe is 40% off. Alternatively, you can nab yourself a Savestra as the elusive GTA podium vehicle if you get lucky spinning the Diamond Casino wheel, or earn this week’s GTA Prize Ride, the Itali GTO, for five top-three finishes in LS Car Meet races.

Other notable discounts this week include half-price Assault and Carbine Rifles, as well as 30% off a range of cars. You can also grab yourself a stylish pair of All White Square Shades simply for logging in. Those on PS5 and Xbox Series can also pick up the Turismo Classic from Hao’s Special Works, though sadly this isn’t currently available to PC players.

Here are the details and discounts in full:

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