GTA Online’s Weekly Update now has a Contract Motorcycle

In GTA Online, the weekly reset day has arrived. Every Thursday, Rockstar Games adds new content, discounts, and challenges to the online game. Though the content refresh is now live, the official breakdown will come on the Newswire later in the day. As a result, GTA Online players have been wondering what’s new.

We’re still getting a steady rollout of new vehicles from The Contract update, and this week is no different. The Western Reever motorcycle is now available at Legendary Motorsport for $1,900,000 in-game bucks. If you’re into your vehicles, the bike looks a tad like the Arch Method 143. The Western Reever has appeared in The Contract’s story quests, so you’ll likely find it familiar-looking.

That’s not all that’s happening this week, either. The GTA podium vehicle is the Infernus Classic, whereas the GTA Prize Ride is the Comet S2, which you can get for placing first in pursuit races for three days in a row. If you’re looking to raise some extra funds this week, you can get double the in-game cash and experience on Transform races, Turner contracts, and the Sumo adversary mode.

Here are all of the discounts:

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