Gumayusi Sacrifices Himself for T1’s Glorious Pentakill in Brion Stomp

LCK is among the most competitive leagues in the world, and players take their stats very seriously. Sometimes, however, opponents show their respect for their opponents, sacrificing themselves to create incredible moments.

That’s what BRION toplaner Morgan did in their match against T1 earlier today, in something called a “gigachad move” by LCK casters and analysts. BRION suffered a hard stomp against T1 despite showing some interesting plays and strategies.

In the second game, T1 botlaner Gumayusi pulled off a glorious move, when he steamrolled through the opponents with Zeri, earning himself a quadrakill in the process. The pentakill looked like it was out of reach though, as Morgan had already retreated to his base and began to regenerate his HP.

At that moment, he decided to sacrifice himself for Gumayusi’s glory. He turned back and stood near his tower, waiting for the opponents to take his life.

As Faker was already dealing damage to him, Gumayusi instantly flashed towards him and earned a Pentakill thanks to Morgan. T1 then destroyed BRION’s base and earned themselves a clean victory.

In the post-match interview, T1 jungler Oner explained Faker asked his teammates to steal the pentakill from Gumayusi, joking: “Faker said ‘steal it, steal it!’ so I was looking for the steal as well, but he was lucky and got the penta so I was so bummed out.”

Satisfied with his glorious last move that put the nail in BRION’s coffin as they lost the match, Gumayusi made a victorious pose in front of the camera. Meanwhile, Faker mischievously stole his place before they bowed down and left the stage.

T1 has been dominating the LCK since the 2023 season started. Players are often looking relaxed and in high spirits during their matches. They’re showing strong mechanical prowess, but also a solid synergy that makes them almost unbeatable.

T1 are standing at the top of the standings with a 6-1 score. Their next series will see them play DRX next Sunday, Feb. 12 at 3:30am CT.

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