Half-Life’s Most Controversial Version Has Been Delisted by Valve

Half-Life has officially reached the milestone of 25 years. It’s a significant moment to grasp – one of the most exceptional shooters in gaming history, introducing iconic elements such as Black Mesa, Gordon Freeman, and renowned NPC scientists, made its debut a quarter of a century ago. To mark this occasion, Valve has released a variety of new Half-Life content, including an updated version of the original game, restored features for Half-Life Deathmatch, and more. However, amidst the celebration, one version of Half-Life has been removed from Steam permanently.

Half-Life Source, launched in June 2004 just before the sequel Half-Life 2, disappointed many as it was anticipated to be a substantial remake using the groundbreaking Source engine. Instead, it offered minimal changes, retaining the same Half-Life with improved water effects and ragdoll deaths. Although not inherently bad, it felt like a lackluster re-release and did not showcase the Source engine’s capabilities as expected.

As the 25th anniversary arrives, Valve officially delists Half-Life Source from Steam, making it practically invisible through search. The updated version released for the anniversary is now considered the “definitive” edition, and Valve intends to support it moving forward. While Half-Life Source will still be available on Steam, its visibility will be reduced, and new players are encouraged to opt for the anniversary version.

Searching for Half-Life or Half-Life Source on Steam will no longer yield results. The game’s Steam page, now renamed ‘Half-Life 1 Source,’ can be found through a Google search but lacks a rating and user reviews. The bundle includes the base re-release and Half-Life Deathmatch Source.

For those looking to revisit Half-Life, the 25th-anniversary version is the recommended choice. Additionally, Valve suggests trying the new unofficial Portal prequel with recent gameplay footage. Alternatively, enthusiasts of classic ’90s shooters can indulge in some of the best old games, or those seeking the Black Mesa vibe can explore the best zombie games on PC. Stay updated on PC gaming news, guides, and reviews by following us on Google News.

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